Kershaw Multi-Tool Review

Last Updated: 30-Oct-2001

For specifications for the Kershaw Multi-Tool see their web site.

Picture of open
Kershaw Multi-Tool

Gripping it tightly, the Multi-Tool feels nice. The edges are handles are rounded and all the tool blades (except for the knife blade) are folded inside the handles. To use a tool you'll need open the handles to unfold the tools you'll need and then close the handles to use the tool.

The fastener for holding the MultiTool closed is redundant, if the jaws are tightly closed.

The blades of the MultiTool are replacable.

If you're not careful, you can pich the flesh of your thumb as you squeeze the handles close.

Looking at the informational sheet that comes with the multi-tool, I saw the warning: "Don't use your pliers as a hammer". I thought about the last time I used a pair of Vise-Grip locking pliers and I realized that it was as a hammer, so I returned them for refund the next day.

In 1998, I wrote the following paragraph, but now there is the Vise-Grip TOOLBOX

If you're going to buy a multi-tool, I'd recommend the Kershaw Multi-Tool. But until it can be used as a hammer, I'm going to go back to carrying my faithful 5WR Vise-Grip pliers and a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

The Kershaw Multi-Tool is available at outdoor stores like REI and on the Internet from Skylands Cutlery and The Knife Center. The Knifecenter has another review of the Multi-Tool

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