L 101 Uses for a pair of Vise-Grip Locking-pliers

101 Uses for a pair of Vise-Grip Locking-pliers

  1. Assemble toys for Christmas (xxx)
  2. Bend metal
  3. Clamp wood for gluing
  4. Close the links on chains (KS)
  5. Crack Brazil nuts
  6. Crimp wire connectors
  7. Crush pills before mixing with food or liquid
  8. Cut pennies and brick-straps
  9. Cut wire, string, cable ties, ...
  10. Drill Press Clamp (KS)
  11. Extract broken bolts and screws
  12. Extinguishing carelessly discarded cigarettes
  13. Fish hook remover (KS)
  14. Garage door: hold it up when the spring is too weak to do it on its own
  15. Geode opener: Gently increase preassure when cracking a geode to behold the crystals inside (older style works best, newer ones have double thread that has half the fine adjustment ability) (SR)
  16. Hammer
  17. Handle Camping Dutch oven bails and lids when full of coals (R.N. OLL)
  18. Heat sink for soldering
  19. Hold hot metals
  20. Hold one end of a long cut when sawing (LCS)
  21. Hold pieces of metal for welding
  22. Hold small items while drilling or cutting (LCS)
  23. Hold together bags with broken zippers (Liam)
  24. Instant step for climbing
  25. Kennel lock (KS)
  26. Lock broken bathroom doors
  27. Loosen bottle caps
  28. Loosen rounded nuts
  29. Open fingernail polish bottles (xxx)
  30. Pipe wrench (KS)
  31. Plumb weight
  32. Portable stand for a camera (weld screws with the appropriate thread on to the Vise-Grip Locking Pliers)
  33. Remove broken corkscrews from corks
  34. Remove exhaust studs
  35. Remove staples and nails
  36. Remove wire handles from paper takeout containers before microwaving
  37. Remove those big copper colored staples from cardboard waterheater crate before recycling it (SR)
  38. Repair jewelry (xxx)
  39. Replace a missing TV tuner knob
  40. Replace a broken turn signal lever (???)
  41. Seal rubber hoses
  42. Secure loose accelerator cable (LCS)
  43. Stretch upholstery webbing
  44. Temporary gear lever for dirt bike
  45. Temporary replacement for a steering wheel
  46. Temporary shelf support (KS)
  47. Turn nuts, bolts, and studs
  48. Unscrew broken lightbulbs
  49. Use in place of oven mitt
  50. Use to hold open spring loaded faucets
  51. Wedding present: 5WR & 7WR make a nice His & Her set.
  52. Van rear door handle replacement, when the diecast handle breaks (stayed there 5 years) (JH)
Okay, so it's not 101 (yet) please help me expand this list.

Note: Not all of these uses are recommended or advised.

Some of these uses have been submitted by fans of Vise-Grip locking pliers. For a list of their names of see the credits list.

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